A team of professionals from all parts of Canada provides the LMI to make it available in this site. They work mostly in local Service Canada / Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) offices in all parts of the country, to answer questions you might have about the labour markets in Canadian communities. The LMI Service provides detailed labour market information at the local or community level, analyses data and local events in order to identify community specific labour market trends and opportunities, works with other labour market players, including businesses, educational institutions and local and provincial governments, and ensures people have access to quality labour market information. The National Occupational Classification (NOC) provides a standardized language for describing the work performed by Canadians in the labour market. Find below the LMI related to our programs.

- NOC 1241 Secretaries (Except Legal and Medical).
- NOC 1242 Legal Secretaries.
- NOC 1243 Medical Secretaries.
- NOC 1422 Data Entry Clerks.
- NOC 1431 Accounting and Related Clerks.
- NOC 2171 Information Systems Analysts and Consultants.
- NOC 2172 Database Analysts and Data Administrators.
- NOC 2174 Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers.
- NOC 2233 Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technologists and Technicians.
- NOC 2253 Drafting Technologists and Technicians.
- NOC 2281 Computer and Network Operators and Web Technicians.
- NOC 2282 User Support Technicians.
- NOC 5241 Graphic Designers and Illustrators.

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