BUS-12-63 - Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention

To tell employees that the company does not tolerate harassment is not enough. It's important for the business to outline a specific policy that defines harassment. It must explain what can happen as a result of displaying such actions, as well as what one can do if they believe they have been victimized. This will help create an environment that is a healthy workplace for the individuals involved in the incident and the company in general.

This course is intended for all Ontario employees in charge of developing the policies and programs in accordance with Bill 168, and that work for companies or organizations that employ more that 5 people. This would include supervisors, managers, owners and other senior employees.

What you will learn:

  • Define workplace violence and understand the legal responsibilities of the employer with regard to protecting workers from the risks of workplace violence.
  • Understand the legal requirements pertaining to the workplace violence policy and program and identify practical strategies to use in order to create effective policies and practices.
  • Recognize and understand specific issues such as domestic abuse, violent behaviour, the right to refuse work and notification requirements.
  • Define workplace harassment and understand the legal requirements pertaining to the workplace harassment policy and program.

What topics are covered?

  • understanding why workplace violence and harrassment is such an important issue.
  • identifying types of workplace violence and the factors that increase the risk of violence at work.
  • how to respond to behaviours of concern.
  • understanding your rights and responsibilities and learning about safe work practices that minimize your risk.
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