BUS-12-26 - Organizational Excellence

Organizational Excellence provides a balanced approach to running an organization in order to meet and exceed stakeholder expectations. It provides the foundation for a neverending cycle of continuous improvement – a process by which people start where they are and work to improve their organization gradually over a period of time. An organization pursuing excellence focuses on:
  • identifying and satisfying its customers’ needs,
  • developing and tapping the full potential of its people, and
  • improving its key processes.

What you will learn:

  1. Focus on the customer:
    • Understand the needs of customers.
    • Meet or exceed these needs.
  2. Leadership involvement:
    • Senior leadership establishes unity of purpose and direction.
    • Senior leadership facilitates, reinforces, communicates, and supports changes necessary for improvement.
  3. Cooperation and teamwork:
    • Nurture and recognize teamwork.
    • Develop win-win relationships.
  4. Prevention-based process management:
    • Understand the total system and its processes.
    • Focus on error and waste prevention, as opposed to correction.
  5. Factual approach to decision making:
    • Make decisions based on measured data and understanding of cause-effect mechanisms. Do not rely simply on instinct, authority, or anecdotal information.
  6. Continuous learning and people involvement:
    • Everyone has the opportunity to develop their full potential.
    • Everyone contributes to the organization’s goals.
  7. Continuous improvement:
    • Focus on ways of doing even better.
    • Provide a cornerstone for breakthrough thinking and innovation.
  8. Obligations to stakeholders and society:
    • The organization is seen as part of society.
    • The organization satisfies expectations of its employees, customers, partners, owners, and other stakeholders.
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