BUS-12-47 - Knowledge Management

This course will give you the tools to present knowledge management to your organization in the most positive way in order to gain the right support for it to thrive in your organization. The more information you can share with your organization about knowledge management the more apt they are in accepting it. This module explains the principles, history, and application of knowledge management in the workplace. T

What you will learn:

  • Data, information and knowledge
  • Types of knowledge
  • Introduction to knowledge management
  • Knowledge creation and organizational learning
  • Knowledge codification
  • Knowledge sharing and transfer
  • Business and competitive intelligence
  • Role of information professionals in knowledge management
  • Technologies for knowledge management
  • Information/knowledge audit
  • Mapping knowledge sources/creating pathfinders
  • Information/knowledge packaging
  • Data mining
  • Content management
  • Enterprise information portals
  • Collaborative technologies
  • Case-based reasoning technologies
  • Ethical issues in knowledge management
  • Measurement of impact of knowledge management programs

What topics are covered?

Principles, Case Studies
  • Overview of Knowledge Management
  • The Nature of Knowledge
  • Knowledge Management Solutions
  • Organizational Impacts of Knowledge Management
  • Factors Influencing Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management Assessment of an Organization
  • Technologies to Manage Knowledge: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Libraries, Repositories, etc.
  • Preserving and Applying Human Expertise: Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Using Past History Explicitly as Knowledge: Case-Based Systems
  • Knowledge Elicitation: Converting Tacit Knowledge to Explicit
  • Discovering New Knowledge: Data Mining
  • Text KM & Text Mining
  • Knowledge Discovery: Systems that Create Knowledge
  • Knowledge Capture Systems: Systems that Preserve and Formalize Knowledge
  • Knowledge Sharing Systems: Systems that Organize and Distribute Knowledge
  • Knowledge Application Systems: Systems that Utilize Knowledge
Looking Forward
  • What to Expect: The Future of Knowledge Management
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