BUS-12-57 - Business Etiquette

The Business Etiquette and Professionalism course develops the concept of business etiquette and the proper etiquette practices for different business scenarios. You will learn the etiquette requirements for meeting, entertaining, telephone, and Internet business interaction scenarios.

What you will learn:

  • Define appropriate and inappropriate office behavior.
  • Describe appropriate office dress.
  • Demonstrate professional use of the telephone in a business environment whether they are answering the phone, transferring a call, placing a caller on hold, or leaving a voicemail message.
  • List steps for dealing with difficult people.
  • Identify and rephrase blunt wording for more professional communication.
  • Understand and demonstrate the use of to-do lists and the ABC prioritization technique.
  • Explain methods for handling typical office interruptions: visitors, phone calls, requests from the boss or subordinates.
  • Outline tactics for overcoming procrastination.
  • Develop an action plan to improve professionalism in work areas.

What topics are covered?

Introduction to Business Etiquette
  • Introduction to Business Etiquette
  • The ABC's of Etiquette
  • Developing a Culture of Excellence
  • The Principles of Exceptional Work Behavior
  • The Role of Good Manners in Business
  • Enduring Words
Greeting and Introductions
  • Guidelines for Receptionists
  • Making Introductions and Greeting People
  • Greeting Components
  • The Protocol of Shaking Hands
  • Introductions
  • Introductory Scenarios
  • Addressing Individuals
Meeting and Board Room Protocol
  • Guidelines for Planning a Meeting
  • Before the Meeting
  • On the Day of the Meeting
  • Guidelines for Attending a Meeting
Business Ethics
  • Ethics in the Workplace
  • The Challenge of Business Ethics
  • Creating an Ethical Compass
  • Business Ethics Advantages
  • Ethical Issues
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Choosing the Appropriate Gift in the Business Environment
Entertaining Etiquette
  • Planning a Meal Meeting
  • Issuing Invitations
  • Business Meals Basics
  • Basics of Table Etiquette
  • Holding & Resting Utensils
  • Business Dining Etiquette
  • Multi-cultural Highlights
  • Specific Food Etiquette Guidelines
Module 6: Telephone Etiquette
  • Cell Phone Etiquette
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Mastering the Telephone
  • Answering the Telephone
  • Active Listening
  • Putting Callers on Hold
  • Transferring a Call
  • Screening Calls
  • Taking a Message
  • Voice Mail
  • Closing the Call
  • When Making Calls
  • Handling Rude or Impatient Callers
Internet and Email Etiquette
  • Internet Usage in the Workplace
  • E-mail Issues
  • Netiquette
  • Online Chat Issues
  • Online Chat Guidelines
Business Attire and Professionalism
  • Business Style and Professional Image
  • Dress Codes
  • Guidelines for Appropriate Business Attire
  • Grooming for Success
  • Multi-cultural Dressing
Disability Etiquette
  • Disability Etiquette Introduction
  • Basic Disability Etiquette Practices
  • Courtesies for Wheelchair Users
  • Courtesies for Blind or Visually Impaired
  • Courtesies for the Deaf
  • People with Speech Impairments
Multi-cultural Challenges
  • Multi-cultural Etiquette
  • Examples of Cultural Insensitivity
  • Cultural Differences and their Effects on Business Etiquette
  • Cultural Highlight: United Arab Emirates
  • Cultural Highlight: China
  • Cultural Highlight: India
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