Soft Skills

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Code Course
BUS-12-25 Leadership and Effective Management Principles
BUS-12-26 Designing and Measuring of Organizational Excellence
BUS-12-27 Emotional Thinking/Intelligence
BUS-12-15 Media & Public Relations
BUS-12-28 Employee Motivation
BUS-12-29 Work Loyalty
BUS-12-30 Visitor and Hospitality Protocols
BUS-12-31 Managing the Employer-Employee Relation
BUS-12-32 The Essentials About Dealing with the Media
BUS-12-33 Presentation and Public Speaking Skills
BUS-12-34 Modern Office Management and Archiving
BUS-12-35 Designing and Execution of Action Plans
BUS-12-17 Project Management Principles
BUS-12-36 Time Management
BUS-12-37 Self-Management
BUS-12-38 Human Resources Training
BUS-12-39 Handling Complaints
BUS-12-15 Evaluation Criteria and Performance Measurements
BUS-12-40 Excellence in Customer Service
BUS-12-41 Designing and Applying a Quality System
BUS-12-42 Meeting Management
BUS-12-43 Government Accountability
BUS-12-44 Strategic Planning
BUS-12-12 Total Quality Management - TQM
BUS-12-45 Problem Solving and Decision Making
BUS-12-46 Performance Management
BUS-12-47 Knowledge Management
BUS-12-48 Designing of Training Programs
BUS-12-49 Organizing Conferences and Exhibitions
BUS-12-11 Human Resource Management (HRM)
BUS-12-13 Human Resource Planning
BUS-12-14 Recruitment and Selection Process
BUS-12-16 Communications Management
BUS-12-18 Resources Planning and Scheduling
BUS-12-19 Strategic Thinking and Intelligent Decisions
BUS-12-20 Putting Leadership into Action
BUS-12-50 Anger Management
BUS-12-51 Stress Management
BUS-12-52 Risk Management
BUS-12-53 Change Management
BUS-12-54 Conflict Resolution
BUS-12-55 Negotiation Skills
BUS-12-56 Body Language Basics
BUS-12-57 Business Etiquette
BUS-12-60 Lean Process and Six Sigma
BUS-12-62 Office Politics for Managers
HEA-12-20 Safety in the Workplace (OSHA)
BUS-12-63 Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention
HEA-12-21 Disability Awareness
HEA-12-22 Workplace Ergonomics
BUS-12-44 Writing Reports and Proposals

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