CompuCampus College, its affiliates and its partners are absolutely committed to respect your privacy. This Privacy Policy is made available to you to make you aware of how CompuCampus collect and uses identifying information for individuals who visit CompuCampus Website. CompuCampus is committed to taking reasonable steps to protect information provided to us. From time to time, CompuCampus may use that information to better serve the customers. This Policy explains what information is collected, how it is collected, how it may be used, and how you can take steps to safeguard your interests.

Online Registration:
CompuCampus maintains a list of contact addresses for purposes of sending any future Service Updates by mail/email to people who showed interest in any of our IT Training Services. These Updates may include newsletters, special event announcements or other related information.

Website Server Scripts:
CompuCampus requires visitors to register with their names and email addresses. At first time of registration and while browsing, CompuCampus may capture a visitor's IP address for security purposes. CompuCampus does not use that information to reveal it for any third party. If CompuCampus Website Server shows a possible unauthorized login or misuse of any of the site contents as described in the Terms of Use, CompuCampus has the right to do any required steps and actions for that towards that user.

Use of Information:
CompuCampus does not share or otherwise distribute any information collected online by CompuCampus with third parties. In the future, should assets of CompuCampus that include the email database be acquired by a third party, CompuCampus will take steps to continue the level of privacy established with visitors when they originally provided their information to CompuCampus.