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Through a series of real-life case studies, you'll learn how to evaluate designs using such time-honored principles as consistency and alignment.

28 Weeks - NOC 2253

The foundation of this program is on the development of strong administrative, word processing, and office support skills.

27 Weeks - NOC 1221

Students will develop feasible and properly thought-out solutions to real-world based web development problems and situation.

43 weeks - NOC 2175

This program gives you an understanding typography, images, color, and layout. You will learn how to evaluate designs using principles.

34 Weeks - NOC 5241

This program is designed to provide students with the business, technology and communications skills.

30 Weeks - NOC 1242

The Computer Networking and Security program prepares students to, build, maintain and troubleshoot local area networks.

40 weeks - NOC 2281

Pharmacy Assistant Program is designed for individuals seeking knowledge and skills to enter the field of pharmacy.

44 Weeks - NOC 3414

The Personal Support Worker Program at ComuCampus College is approved as Vocational Programs under the Private Career...

27 Weeks - NOC 4412

This program prepares students in the field of Computer Animation. Create the illusion of movement and imagination.

72 Weeks - NOC 5241

This program will guide students in assisting patients and the use of therapeutic equipment as directed/supervised by physiotherapist.

42 Weeks - NOC 3237

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Our courses are available for all levels from basic through to the most advanced users. Some facts about our training: 
  • Qualified instructors with years of experience.
  • Small classes with hands-on personalized training.
  • Private training and consulting.
  • Customized or on-site training.
  • Special training packages with discounted rates for groups and businesses.
  • Certificate or Diploma upon completion of any course or program.

Students' Testimonials

"I learned alot from the program. We had many hands-on projects that helps me in my career."
J. Shi     
Graphic Design     
Graduated 2004     
Graphic Designer - The Printing Place     

"It is friendly college and the program worked great for me. I got a job right after I graduate!"
O. Sarheed     
Computer Netwroking and Security     
Graduated 2013     
Technical Support Rep. - Teksavvy Inc.     

"The teacher and the college are excellent in all aspects. I am very satisfied with the workable knowlege I got."
D. Kuli     
Engineering Design & Drafting     
Graduated 2013     
Mold Designer - Platinum Tool Inc.     

"At CompuCampus College I took two programs. The teachers were experts  and helpful to make you understand. I enjoyed learning at this college."
A. Alghamidi     
Office Administration and     
Medical Office Assistant     
Graduated 2013/2014     

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